Serving Canada and USA
Serving Canada and USA
Calgary, rentals, ninja rentals

For all your heating, cooling and air purification needs – rental and purchase options!

Located in Calgary, Alberta

Ninja Equipment Rentals

portable humidifier, humidifier, rental, calgary
Portable Humidifier
Dehumidifier, rental, Calgary, portable dehumidifier
Portable Dehumidifier
window air conditioner, rentala, ac, calgary, airconditioner
Window Air Conditioners
Air purification, air purifier, calgary, rental, portable air purification
Portable Air Purifier
Portable Fans, fans, commercial, residential, portable, fans, rental, calgary
Portable Fans
portbale air conditioning, portbale air conditioner, ac, calgary, rental
Portable Air Conditioners
portable heaters, heaters, portable, 120v, rental, calgary
Portable Heaters
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